pick@work is a light-controlled assembly system and maximises the performance at the manual assembly workstation. Consistent workflow specifications and integrated assembly instructions optimise the work processes in accordance with your requirements.

The innovation:

The system combines ergonomic workstations with pick-by-light and leads staff step by step through the work process via displayed instructions.

The employee selects the jobs via the display, and the storage locations are illuminated in the correct sequence. In this process, images or diagrams of the assembly steps lead the employee step by step through the work process via the instructions displayed. The complexity of the work process becomes lessened, the error rate is minimised and quality is assured. Intelligent order picking and assembly strategies provide optimum process workflows, increased productivity levels and ergonomics at the workstation.

Greater staff satisfaction, fewer sick days and improved productivity levels are the proven results of the pick@work concept that can be traced back to the simplified working environment.

Your advantages:

  • High-quality product by the world market leader for intralogistics
  • Minimisation of error rate via prescribed assembly steps
  • Simple self-assembly
  • Easy integration of the pick@work into your warehouse management system
  • Greater levels of staff satisfaction
  • Problem-free integration of your own graphics, images, etc.
  1. Intelligent conveyor technology modules
    Convey the goods to the employee
  2. Touch terminal
    With intuitive user guidance
  3. Glare-free workstation lighting
    For optimal illumination of the workstation
  4. Swivel arm elements
    For ergonomic grab space optimisation
  5. Electrically height adjustable working table
    For rapid adaptation to changing conditions
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Information and Consulting

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