The private "Oberlandschule" school of economics in Weilheim, Bavaria, Germany has been breaking new educational ground since the beginning of 2008. Conventional front-facing education in a classroom has been changed to discussion-based cluster education in which every student is educated according to his or her capabilities and education level. The new method was introduced at the same time when the school relocated to a new building worth 6.2 million euros.

The building was fitted out by SSI SCHAEFER.

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Our services, tailored to our customers' needs:

  • Furniture for a seamless workflow thanks to standardised geometry (Combitec and Tetris series)
  • New design and development of furniture for modern education methods
  • Height-adjustable desks and work areas that can be adjusted for individual physical ergonomics
  • Multi-functional system: All cabinet elements can be combined and expanded with one another.
  • High flexibility thanks to interchangeable elements 
  • The stably designed furniture fulfils the requirements of EU work safety law

"We awarded the contract to SSI SCHAEFER because we were looking for a partner who was not only able to supply all the equipment all from one source as a general contractor, but who could also develop and manufacture new furniture in accordance with our specifications."

Principle Dr. Henry Immler

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