Live storage shelf for material provision

"To err is human“ – a saying that is being used since antiquity whenever human errors caused damages. Even though human beings continue to make mistakes up to this day, it would be premature to accept it as an established fact. Human errors are – fortunately – avoidable errors.

Modern technologies in intralogistics therefore have the important role to assist people specifically, enabling them to deliver an almost error-free performance. This is particularly important in the assembly process of high quality precision parts.
For Danfoss A/S, a Danish producer of control systems and high pressure pumps, awarding the contract for modernising the warehouse to SSI Schaefer already paid off greatly. Among other things, Danfoss manufactures low-maintenance high pressure pumps. The assembly work is a manual task, done by the employees, because machines are unable to provide the same high levels of safety and accuracy. But human beings also make mistakes.

Project objectives:

  • Process optimisation: increasing quality and process accuracy
  • Implementing light-controlled picking techniques for assembly and order picking
  • Connecting the software to SAP
  • Automating the inventory
  • Making the assembly process more flexible

Manual assembly supported by modern technology

Choosing the next assembly job

The main challenge in restructuring the warehouse was to install a system, which would protect the assembly workers from various sources of error, thus improving the quality of the finished goods. SSI Schaefer accepted this challenge and passed with flying colours.

The formula for success is a combined system of pick@work assembly workstations, E-Pick order picking system, live storage shelves and SAP link-up. A warehouse management system controls the inventory in the live storage shelves and automatically orders replenishments when required.

The new system at Danfoss reliably controls around 400 different articles and operates extremely accurately, down to the last detail. For instance, the subsequent stages in the assembly process remain blocked by the pick@work assembly system until all the previous tasks have been completed. This safeguards the mechanics at Danfoss from errors and allows them to work safely and precisely at all times. This even means that the torque of the tightened screws and nuts is measured, in order to decide whether the assembly may proceed to the next step.

"Our complex pumps are delivered to our clients and customers with a comprehensive warranty. Process accuracy in our assembly enables us to provide products of the highest quality and maintain our reputation as a quality leader. It’s therefore safe to say that the SSI Schaefer solution strengthens our market position. You can’t expect any more from an integrated assembly system."
Sven Wohland, Change Agent at Danfoss

  • IT-supported assembly
  • using pick-by-light
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The project in detail
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Scope of our deliveries/services:

  • light-controlled pick@work® assembly system
  • light-controlled E-Pick order picking system
  • 3 live storage shelves
    • 1,000 kg shelf load each
    • 8 m long
    • 3 m high
  • 400 totes
  • Quick MOVE heavy load lifting table for up to 700 kg of dynamic load
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