Are you looking for an efficient and compact solution for your returns processing? The RAP from SSI SCHAEFER is the result of a thorough analysis of material flows and activities in returns handling. It is tailored specifically to the needs of the mail order trade. With its clearly structured workstation zones, RAP offers your staff the optimum conditions for identifying, posting and quality checking.

High performance thanks to high ergonomics

The customisable returns workstation from SSI SCHAEFER integrates multiple work stages:

  • Inward storage of returns (incl. master data update)
  • Rejection of faulty goods (incl. master data update)
  • Disposal of plastics, cartons and residual waste
  • Check for function, completeness and damages

The software-based visual support of the inward storage process for returns makes it easier for your staff to achieve more throughput.

Other key features of RAP are the integrated concepts for warehouse automation using ergonomics@work!®, the supply of the returns in trolleys directly to the workstation, the use of work floor mats to make standing less tiring for staff and – as an additional function implemented – storage and perforated wall areas as well as integrated monitors, keyboards and PCs.

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