Transporting work materials or workpieces efficiently requires a connection to ergonomically designed conveyor technology. In addition to packing and assembly tables, SSI SCHAEFER also supplies all the conveyor technology that connects the individual workstations with one another. The interlinking of the assembly stations with driven conveyor technology has the benefit that the employee can concentrate on the assembly work and does not need to worry about transporting the assemblies.

Flexibility characterises the innovative SSI SCHAEFER conveyor technology. No matter whether cartons or containers, no matter what size; from a base length of 180 mm your products are quickly conveyed to the destination. High throughput and diversion performance (up to 6000 units/hour) in the sorter area guarantee fast order processing. Intelligent logistical solutions provide consistent container flow.

Your cost-effective advantage:
  • High productivity and efficiency through high performance, reliable technologies and variable applications (container and carton conveying technology)
  • Simple, modular system structure
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • High profitability through most advanced production technologies
  • Simple maintenance
Increased efficiency through a supportive environment

By using the ergonomic workstation systems from SSI SCHAEFER, you will reduce error rates and the training time required for your staff. The individual assembly tables can be easily interconnected through our flexibly configurable conveyor technology. This ensures efficient transportation and your staff can concentrate fully on the assembly work.

We continue to conduct development work on our range of ergonomics solutions. For example, in the field of silent technology. It is used to equip specific parts or even the entire system with extremely low noise components.

If you would like to know more about the proven cost-effective benefits of ergonomic workstations and how your company in particular might profit from them, please feel free to contact us.

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