Started by a technical defect, work that represents a fire hazard or a human oversight such as carelessly throwing away a cigarette; a fire breaks out resulting in personal injury and material damage.

The fact that fire damage can put the existence of your company into jeopardy is clear. As the time between the event of the fire itself and possible business failure is relatively long, however, the fire is often not even identified as the cause of the business failing. Although the hazards are known, until now there has been no effective fire-fighting solution between fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems.

Improper storage and the consequences

Companies that do not store their hazardous substances correctly may well face the following situations:

Prevention is the first step in avoiding or limiting damage

With our safe@work safety concept, SSI SCHAEFER offers all the relevant services from one single source, from consultancy to planning through to the realisation of the hazardous substances storage system in your company. For many years we have been a leading provider in the field of intralogistics and are able to access a valuable bank of knowledge from numerous projects over that same period.

Transporting hazardous goods

73.6 % of all transported hazardous goods are flammable liquids. Substances that need to be transported also need to be stored.


Flammable liquids at the workplace are stored in safety cabinets conforming to the Technical Regulations on Flammable Liquids (TRbF) 20 regulations, Appendix L.

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