At an average workstation in a warehouse, the weight of goods moved around by each individual per shift can amount to more than a tonne. With hundreds of movements and access operations per hour, it comes down to efficiency, accuracy and speed. ergonomics@work!® workstations from SSI SCHAEFER achieve cost benefits of SGD $80 to $320 per day and thus an excellent ROI.

A workstation created specifically for goods-in according to the ergonomics@work!® concept achieves a proven 15% and greater increase in productivity with the associated cost savings. In addition, it contributes greatly to relieving the physical workload, which was an extremely important consideration in the goods-in area.

Find out more about the optimised goods-in workstation from SSI SCHAEFER.

In order picking using the goods-to-person principle in particular, the ergonomics of the workstation is a critical factor determining performance levels. Only SSI SCHAEFER offers workstations where the goods are fed in at an angle so that they are easy to handle, and where the user is not only guided by pointers, displays and light grids with perfect ergonomics, but is also protected against incorrect use. For this reason, SSI SCHAEFER achieves a performance of 700 to 1000 picks/hour with the ergonomics@work!® order picking workstations, and not just as theoretical marketing claims but in actual industrial applications.

Find out more about the wide range of order picking workstations using the ergonomics@work!® concept.

One of the most demanding tasks in warehouse logistics is returns processing. In the mail order trade in particular, it is equally important as the goods-in and order picking activities. SSI SCHAEFER therefore also provides solutions for this in line with the ergonomics@work!® concept.

Find out more about the intelligent integration of the sub-processes in returns handling thanks to an innovative and ergonomic workstation.

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