Ergonomic workstations are the key to high performance, perfect quality and efficient, cost-effective processes. With ergonomics@work!® and its implementation from incoming goods, manufacturing, assembly through to order picking and returns processing, SSI SCHAEFER is the global technology leader. The ergonomics@work!® workstations prove themselves every day over and over, meaning that not only an average of 20% and greater performance increases are achieved, costs are reduced and quality increases.

SSI SCHAEFER recognised the fundamental importance of ergonomics much earlier than most. The famous "Schaefer boxes", in other words the Lagerfix containers are the result of carefully designed ergonomics. SSI SCHAEFER now has the widest and most advanced selection of ergonomic workstations for warehouses and factories.

Because even in times of high-technology warehouse automation it is still the human performance that determines quality, throughput and delivery times. No matter whether in the warehouse, in production or in the office; the key tasks in the value added chain are performed by the staff itself.

The ergonomics@work!® concept includes the following and more:
  • Lower effort material flow
  • Optimum layout of control elements and displays
  • Clear, simple and logical user guidance
  • Natural, skin-friendly and nevertheless robust materials
  • Low-noise operation
  • Integrated error detection and support in troubleshooting


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Naturally ergonomics@work!® takes account of the fact that ergonomics goes beyond the direct workstation. The whisper conveyor technology from SSI SCHAEFER is ideal for noise reduction in the conveyor technology in and around the workstation. Another example are our handling systems; these take the physically demanding and monotonous activities off your staff.

The ergonomics@work concept has also found a place in SSI SCHAEFER IT solutions. Intuitive operation and a screen layout designed in line with ergonomic principles do more than just making orientation and overview easier; they also reduce training times, prevent incorrect usage and accelerate operation.

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