• Product overview
  • Front loader system F 1.75 to F 8.0 m3
  • Transfer container system
  • GMT 240l and OLEOCONT made from sheet steel
  • Used battery collection container and hazardous materials box
  • Multicont

The front loader is the modern and cost-effective solution for collecting larger waste volumes.

  • Ideal for use in communal and private waste management
  • Long service life – body made from hot-dip galvanised sheet steel, lid made from plastic, all side walls with vertical ribbing
  • Additional body strength via all-round box profile
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Large volumes of waste materials require a large capacity collection system. As a cost-effective waste removal system for large volumes of waste, transfer containers have been tried and tested in practice.

  • Organisational and cost benefits
  • Low infeed height
  • Lid can be locked in any position
  • Large capacity
  • Simple handling during the discharging operation
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GMT 240 galvanised for waste collection at locations where there is a fire risk.

The Oleocont® is a special container for collecting and storing waste containing oil. It is used in workshops, petrol stations and other commercial/industrial firms.

  • Hot-dip galvanised sheet steel, so not flammable
  • The lid can be fully folded down
  • Isolation of the lid from the body, by means of rubber buffers, means that no ignition through sparks can arise
  • High strength
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3 models for every application:

  • A box for waste collection in businesses and small firms
  • Used battery collection containers for collections in public buildings
  • GMT 80/120/140 with battery chute for collections in publicly accessible areas
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The system for collecting waste and recyclable materials on construction sites. Different types of waste are produced here during demolition, renovation and new builds. Modern waste management separates types of waste at the point where the waste is produced – this is the most cost-effective and cleanest sorting method.

  • Clean separation of waste and recyclable materials
  • Low space requirements
  • Can be stacked 5 high inside one another
  • Transport with a forklift within construction sites
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The main Waste Technology catalogue
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