Due to their size and shape some components require packaging in special size containers. They are either too large or too small to be housed in standard Euro sized containers. Mirror-welded containers offer the ideal solution. Sections are removed from the basic container according to the special size you require, whether larger or smaller. Alternatively several containers can be joined together, using heated plate welding (or mirror welding) to form a new container.


Materials and designs:

As standard the containers are produced in PP or PE versions. On request, they are also available in electrically conductive material (ESD).

In normal applications welded containers offer the same load capacity as standard containers. The stability of the weld seam corresponds to approx. 90% of the container's original material strength. This also applies when using ESD materials. Despite the weld seam the container offers the same functions in terms of stability, stackability, automation and durability.


The useable inner dimensions and necessary loads are calculated based on the customer's requirements.

Advice and service:

Special care must be taken when drafting, designing and analysing the structure of the container. We will be pleased to advise you with regard to the options and sizes available.

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