Mobile Pallet racking systems are selective racking mounted on heavy duty bases, which are electrically driven on tracks mounted into floor slab. Every SSI SCHAEFER mobile racking system is equipped with modern safety controls which meet all International safety standards. A modular design concept allows the system to be designed specifically according to your preferences and requirements. By converting racking aisles into useable space for logistics and other purposes, mobile racking systems can create up to 100% increase in available pallet locations, offering a cost effective storage solution.

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Cost-effectiveness, efficiency and value all from one system

In many aspects, SSI SCHAEFER has set new standards regarding mobile racking systems for heavy palletized loads or cantilever loads:

  • Modular construction
  • 100% availability of all pallet locations
  • PLC operated bases using hand held remote control ensures an efficient operation
  • Reduced operating and property costs thanks to excellent space utilisation of the system.

Trouble-free application to frozen goods

The combination of SSI SCHAEFER mobile racking systems with our expertise in conveying, the powerful electric drive units and designs make our system the first choice for cold store operators.

Safe and accident-free working

Equipped with emergency stop buttons, access light barriers, manual release system, distance sensors and safety light barriers, our mobile racking solution meets the highest possible demands for safety and makes a significant contribution to running your warehouse problem-free and accident-free.

Most Suitable for:

High cost environment e.g. Cold stores of where space is at premium.

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