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Are you in charge of a car dealership or a repair shop? If so, you’re most likely interested in making customers come back, increasing customer value and selling wheels directly from stock without waiting time. Read on to learn more.

As a direct result of increased reliability of the vehicles and the extension of service intervals, most car dealers and garages easily lose sight of their customers. Of course, there are ways to stay in touch with car owners, such as newsletters and direct mail, but that doesn’t really make your customers visit you more often, does it? But there’s something you could do:

How about offering your customers a tyre storage service?

Tyre racks from SSI Schaefer are a convenient and cost-effective way to start such an operation. You will be able to store your customers’ wheels and tyres professionally, reliably and within easy reach. Through the storage fee, these racks practically pay for themselves. In addition, you can charge your customers for cleaning, fitting and mounting, and you can welcome them twice a year for changing tyres.

Your advantages as a car dealer / repair shop

  • You are building long-term relationships with your customers
  • You see them more often, which in turn provides opportunities to make further sales (cross-selling)
  • You stand out among your competitors
  • You are able to sell wheels and tyres directly from stock, no waiting time
  • You are using the space in your warehouse very efficiently
Tyre storage at a Porsche dealership

SSI Schaefer offers 4 kinds of tyre racks, which cover virtually all conceivable warehouse layouts. We will gladly advise you, which type of tyre rack would be most suitable for your particular business model and premises.

It has never been easier for car dealerships to keep in touch with their clientele over time. Since car owners are legally obligated to drive winter tyres in cold weather, most of them have two sets of tyres. And all you need to store them will be supplied by SSI Schaefer, at a fair price. So, send us a message or call us directly. We are here to help!

What if you don’t have enough space in your warehouse right now? Well, in that case, we should definitely talk about warehouse organisation! The Locator Storage System from SSI Schaefer is designed to cut the required space in half. This is going to free up enough space to set up tyre racks. If you have more questions about warehouse organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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More Informations
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