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Choithrams is a successful group with associates in diverse fields like wholesaling, commodity brokerage, and manufacturing of edible and non-edible items. The enterprise came to the UAE in 1974 and has grown to a retail chain with over 25 supermarkets in the Emirates. The expansion of Choithrams into Oman, Bahrain and Qatar ensures the distribution of brands into all corners of the Gulf market.

Project Objectives:

  • Maximise space in current warehouse
  • Optimise space utilisation of current building
  • Optimise the space for case picking

Scope of supply and services:

SSI Schaefer significantly cuts Choithrams’ cost of operation due to realisation of following three provisions: reducing of manual processes, cutting down on the waste of expired products, as well as doubling of storage space.

With the combination of different systems like the Schaefer Orbiter System, Carton Live Storage system (KDR) and Push Back racking system, time-consuming manual processes were reduced. Therefore not only labour costs were decreased but also the speed of bringing goods to the customer increased tremendously. Required goods reach their targeted locations faster and the accuracy of the orders nearly reached 100%.

Choithrams also deals with various daily freshly fabricated products like cakes and hot meals, so that they always have to be very vigilant with expiry dates. The new goods flow through the warehouse enable Choithrams to effectively keep track of its various products expiry dates, thus reducing wastage and ensuring safety of environment.

Last but not least, SSI Schaefer doubled the amount of storage space in existing warehouse on the basis of a new division into compartments. In other words, Choithrams’ pallet plot was maximised without any investment in a new building.

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