If your order picking is carried out manually in your warehouse and you are looking for a way to guide and control your employees more efficiently, Radio Frequency Picking from SSI SCHAEFER is the ideal solution.

Together with the technology, SSI SCHAEFER also supplies the logistics software and the entire link-up to your warehouse system. As an intralogistics specialist with many years of experience, we have a proven track-record of countless large and small-scale projects. We are consistently focussed on the needs of the customer and the expectation to deliver a complete system that makes your warehouse more efficient and your company more successful.

Mobile dialogue with your warehouse staff

Mobile User Interfaces (UIM) allow you to exchange your data between individual terminals via radio data transmission. Our system employs hardware-independent user dialogues. Radio Frequency Picking can be implemented as a "stand alone" solution or linked to your system online. By using spread spectrum transmission, you can connect both your handheld terminals and permanently installed forklift terminals to a central server.

The mobile UIM is ideally suited to ensuring a high level of efficiency in a wide variety of applications.
  • Incoming goods registration
  • Order picking (goods-to-person)
  • Inventories
  • Forklift control systems
  • Unloading checks
High flexibility thanks to Radio Frequency Picking



Radio Frequency Terminal
Online everywhere: With our portable radio frequency terminal

The RF terminal is connected to a ring scanner which your employees carry on their arm while they pick orders. This means that they can receive their orders anywhere, read off the order data directly from the display and finally also confirm them on the RF terminal. The radio data transmission to the computer is performed via Accesspoint.

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Information and Consulting

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