Are you looking for a workstation connected to your automatic warehouse for slow-moving items (C parts)? And you also want to pick orders directly into the order containers and cartons?

Our ergonomically optimised pick-to-tote workstation was designed specifically for this task and employs the goods-to-person order picking process especially efficiently. Precise user guidance and light grid monitoring of the access points ensures the best order picking results. Optional features include applications for efficient space-saving and stock taking.

The advantages:
  • Error quotas are reduced to virtually 0
  • Increase in order picking performance by a factor of 10 in comparison to traditional order picking
  • Pick rate of up to 1000 picks per hour
  • Ensures best care of your products
  • Order picking directly in the order container
  • Immediate arranging and adjusting of the units possible within the container
  • The ergonomically optimized workstation Pick-to-tote enables goods-to-man order picking particularly efficient.
Reliable operation thanks to SSI SCHAEFER expertise

Through the consistent use of standardised components from the SSI SCHAEFER range of modules, your order picking process will run smoothly and reliably. Since we are a full-range supplier, SSI SCHAEFER considers the overall solution and the smooth interaction of all system components to be of highest priority. Our worldwide service organisation provides all the support and availability you might need. 

Ergonomics concept for greater productivity

Another special feature of our pick-to-tote workstation is the ergonomics concept ergonomics@work!®, A cleverly designed grab sequence from "top to bottom" reduces the workload. Contact surfaces made from touch-friendly wood applications cover cold metal and thus contribute to the productivity of your employees.

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Download brochures
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