Our semi-automatic Parallel Picking System (PPS) is an order picking system which is ideal for fast turnover products that cannot be automated, as well as for medium-turnover and slow-moving products: Via Radio Frequency Terminals, your employees in order picking receive all the necessary information to transfer the required articles from the article containers to the filling module. The chamber into which the orders are to be picked is displayed by Pick-by-Light pickfaces.

As a system provider, specialist and market leader in intralogistics, SSI SCHAEFER is able to supply all the components for this system, from the containers to the technology through to the management software. With many years of experience, we ensure rapid implementation and the smooth interaction of all components.

Since multiple operators can work on various orders at one filling module simultaneously, PPS allows you to achieve a considerably higher level of efficiency.

Cost-effective solution and rapid order processing

PPS allows you to benefit from the following advantages:
  • Best possible order throughput thanks to parallel processing
  • Efficient order processing via program-controlled order optimisation
  • High workstation quality in the order picking zone thanks to the ergonomic design
  • Short training times and high order picking quality thanks to intelligent user guidance
  • Short amortisation time

With PPS, orders are managed and monitored in the warehouse control system and can then be started in an optimised way by the warehouse control computer. The various orders are then forwarded simultaneously to the individual sectors and processed. The considerable increase in performance is partially achieved by compiling orders efficiently (batching).

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