Schaefer order picking systems : e-Pick

If you want a high level of reliability and efficiency for the order picking tasks in your warehouse, we recommend using our E-Pick system.

E-Pick is the fast, simple and cost-effective introduction to order picking systems / workstations controlled by pick-by-light.

This is because with this stand-alone solution you can set up and operate a complete pick-by-light system. From linking to an order database to installation of the control elements and assignment of the storage locations through to daily operation,  the system is user-friendly to deploy. You do not need any special IT knowledge for this and no dedicated programmer.

With this system you also profit from the experience and expertise of the market leader in intralogistics. Even in this "starter" application, you will recognise the advantages of the carefully orchestrated system modules.

Small workstation, big performance

E-Pick is suitable for smaller workstations in particular, as these become independent offline order picking and assembly cells that can respond flexibly to short-term changes and modifications. The core element here is the touch panel PC that controls the connected pick elements and instructs the worker.

Significant increase in efficiency

The carefully designed graphical user interface allows you to set it up completely in just a few hours, as it takes you through all the setup and configuration tasks. You will quickly be able to profit from the considerable advantages of our system:

  • Increased efficiency in order picking
  • Increase in order picking quality
  • Simple parameterisation of the order processing can be expanded in stages

Even if you change your logistics tasks, E-Pick is modified for the new situation within minutes.

Extension for an effective assembly workstation

Our pick@work is an extension of the E-Pick and is configured via a software extension in the touch panel. The system is used for the efficient coordination of assembly workstations and component optimisation and minimises error quotas. The storage positions for the parts being built light up in the correct sequence and these are assembled step-by-step with the help of the display guide, which makes work manageable and effective.

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