For item picking in the highly dynamic range, the Schaefer Carousel System (SCS) offers you an innovative and cost-effective system. 1000 picks per hour, high storage compression and the modular design make the SCS a solution that you will be able to base your order picking processes on in the future with the required level of performance.

With SSI SCHAEFER and the SCS you also profit from additional benefits such as
  • the guarantee of short implementation times
  • the high order picking quality based on the unique user guidance system
  • the security of investment thanks to the flexibility of the system
  • the space-saving and resource-saving installation
  • the virtually unlimited flexibility with regard to the range of articles
Designed for the system: Our containers

Our standard SCS consists of four carousels each with an uncoupled automatic loading and unloading unit. Its dense, space-saving structure provides a capacity of up to 6000 containers within a standard system of 4 carousels. The corresponding containers can be divided into up to 16 compartments and have a storage capacity of up to 25 kilogrammes.

Download brochures
Download brochures
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Case studies

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