If you want to improve the performance in handling goods in your tray warehouse, our Schaefer Tray System (STS) offers a number of advantages: With STS, multiple vehicles can be arranged vertically. The trays are issued via STS lifts in the racking. Additionally, STS saves even more time because the trays are not moved by lifting them from underneath (like traditional storage and retrieval equipment does), but by using a special device for grabbing and pulling.

As a result of the strategic arrangement of its individual components, the STS is an exceptionally dynamic and efficient high-availability system that allows extremely high throughput.

Flexibility made easy

As part of the SCP (Schaefer Case Picking) system, the individual cases are removed from the trays and separated by special separating lifts for further processing.

The STS-vehicle is delivered in a solid transportation device made of steel which allows safe transport without wasting any space. The transportation device is also used to move the vehicle directly into the rack and mount it on the rail without using heavy mounting equipment.

In case of maintenance or breakdown, a "back-up STS" can be put into operation. This avoids unnecessary downtime.

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Download brochures
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