Are you looking for a storage automation solution that fits your specific storage strategy? Our Schaefer Miniload Crane (SMC) can handle cartons, trays and containers. This means that they are not subject to any significant restrictions in terms of the shape and surface of the parts to be put into permanent or temporary storage.

The SMC also allows you to do the following:
  • The safe storage of delicate or valuable goods
  • Short order throughput times and a high level of availability

If your processes or logistics parameters are changing, the SMC can also be adapted to your new requirements in a flexible way.

In top form thanks to many years of experience

The collective experience of SSI SCHAEFER has flowed into the development of the SMC. This is why the Schaefer Miniload Crane features not only an excellent price/performance ratio, but is also designed for quality and a long service life right from the first bolt.

The SMC is used when you want to acheive maximum utilisation of vertical storage space on a small basic area. To integrate it into your automatic or manual warehouse equipment – from incoming goods to order picking stations through to shipping – we provide you with an entire range of solutions.

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