SSI Schaefer is committed to sustainability in area of betterment of society, the environment and the economy we operate. Our ethic and values compel us to innovate for safer and more environmentally friendly products and processes.

Our environmental initiatives covers all aspects of a company's business, including environmental protection, resource conservation, occupational health and safety, process safety, research and development, transportation, sourcing, security and social responsibility.

Our pledge to sustainability is base on the Waste Hierarchy of


Environmental protection is an important part of our corporate principles and accompanies all environmental processes within the company. We are careful to make all products and our production and business processes, in collaboration with our employees, as environmentally friendly as possible.

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Using natural light energy instead of electric light
Tapping on wind energy for ventilation
Water catchment area


Our green movements at the Malaysia factory includes:

  • Harnessing natural Light energy: Factory lighting illumination is entirely by natural light during day time. A trial photovoltaic system is installed to reuse solar energy.  

Result: 464 KWhr of electrical energy on lighting saved for every day. The trial solar energy collected was used to power the Factory Director’s notebook, printer and room lighting.

  • Harnessing natural Wind energy: The 12M eve height shop floor building with louver window on all side offer natural ventilation without the needs of any electrical appliances.

Result: 800 KWhr of electrical energy on ventilation saved for every 16 hours shift.

  • Reusing Water & Recycling Waste Materials: A 10,000 m³ rain collection pond, which was built for the purpose of preventing flash, is in turn, storing water for reusing. All factory waste and rejects are also resued. All paper and packing materials are recycled.

Result: A 10,000 m³ rain water pond, harvested for the factory’s washing and gardening needs. Trash is lessen.

  • Reducing Air Pollution: We use the cleanest of LPG Fuel Energy for the painting oven. We promote tree planting at factory compound.  

Result: About 15,000 kg of emission of carbon is reduced.

As a company with decades of experience in the fields of waste technology and recycling, we ensure that recycling never becomes more expensive, but instead becomes simpler and specifically more effective, both for our customers and for our internal waste disposal and recycling operations.
This significant contribution to environmental protection is our incentive to research other solutions and improvements. Going far beyond the legal framework guidelines, we consider ourselves to be a company that takes its environmental responsibility seriously.

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