Since its inception in 1937, SSI SCHAEFER has been an owner-operated, German family company. With over 50 subsidiaries worldwide, SSI SCHAEFER is a strong and reliable partner.

Whether in industry, trade, commerce or public organisations, our products are in use on all continents and fulfil your tasks efficiently and competently.

Schaefer Systems International Pte Ltd


SSI SCHAEFER has operated in Asia for over 30 years, and now has 18 offices in 15 countries covering the Middle East, China, the ASEAN region, and Australia. Starting with the Interlock Pallet Racking range in 1989, SSI SCHAEFER Asia now produces an extensive range of SSI SCHAEFER products in its state of the art manufacturing plants situated in Malaysia and China.

SSI SCHAEFER Singapore boasts of a Tech Center showcasing automated storage systems such as Logimat (automatic vertical storage), Orbiter, and Mobile pallet racking; and order picking technologies such as the Pick-By-Light, Pick-By-Voice, and RF picking. Sign up for the free guided tour by emailing to[at]

Ranked as the world's largest material handling system supplier for 8 consecutive years, we are a supplier and manufacturer for the full-range of innovative and efficient intralogistics systems.

As a leader of innovation, SSI Schaefer is continuously involved in research and development projects. Our R&D team works closely with product managers and engineers at our manufacturing plant in Malaysia, carrying out detailed studies on ways to improve our current systems to benefit our end customers. In the future, we will continue playing a significant technical role in the area of Material Handling and Logistics Systems.

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